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You have reached the voicemail for "it's none of your business." Please leave your message after the tone. For more options, please press 1.
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Well ill be here all night. Come by whenever you want
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action here totally works for me if it works for you!

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["Granny's" is pretty clearly more of a diner than anything, but behind the bar there are enough liquor bottles and beers on tap to assuage any fears one might have. The place has a nice, chill atmosphere, especially after the dinner crowd has already taken off, leaving mostly a few regulars, guests of the inn attached to the diner, and imPort-gawkers. The kind that can be chill about it at least. Those that can't... well, they get the boot.

Ruby isn't immediately visible, having to take care of something in the back, so someone else is there to take Rosa's first drink order. But the young woman is quickly instructed she can take her break when Ruby finally reappears a few minutes later and takes her place behind the bar.]

So you made it.
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Hey, you never know around here. You could've been abducted by aliens on the way.

[She glances around the diner and then nods, subtly, in the direction of the gossipers.]

Or scared off by some nosy gnats flying around?

[Ruby definitely noticed the tail end of the exchange there, and though she doesn't THINK so, she's wondering whether she needs to ask these people to leave. It's an imPort-run business that has fairly regular imPort guests. She's used to people coming in to stare or ask for autographs or whatever by this point.

It's still weird as hell, but the kind of weird she can now deal with for the most part.]
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Yeah, I know what you mean. I was pretty much terrified of getting this level of attention back home.
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[Well, she was a fictional character, so...]

Ssssort of? The bigger deal though was the whole... turning into a wolf thing. If people found out, I'd be in a lab somewhere in about three and a half minutes.
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Thanks. So am I.

[Ruby falls back on her default for potentially awkward topics and situations: What's a fun way to spin this?]

I mean... if it had, maybe you'd be forced to find a half-decent whiskey somewhere else.
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[Ruby bites her lip and is silent for a long moment as she regards Rosa.]

Well... hopefully that means I'll be seeing a lot more of you.
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[Ruby is still smiling slightly, but that definitely causes her to cock an eyebrow, not quite sure if that was meant as a joke.]

Maybe eventually, but for now I'm good?
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[She chuckles quietly at that.]

I don't know about the second one, you might just have to make your best guess. But considering I'm the one who writes the schedules, I suppose my shift can end whenever I want it to.
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Ruby is certainly not opposed to... relocating, but the forwardness obviously flusters her a little in return, making her blush and briefly look away, if that makes Rosa feel any better.]

Not that I'm not interested, but... well, my place is probably a bit closer. [As in pretty much right above them, which she glances toward pointedly.] We could always dip into my private stock instead this time?
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[She wasn't quite looking Rosa's direction through most of that, but Ruby pauses just for a moment, not sure if she just saw something strange pass over her face or not.]

Yeah, um, I just need a minute to talk to the staff. If you wanna head on up, the stairs are through the back, and mine's the first door on the left.
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[Honestly, from the look of things, it would probably take her a minute to find much of anything especially informative in here anyway. Sure, it's furnished with the basics and there are a few personal effects and signs of being lived in, but the business hasn't been open that long, really, and since then most of Ruby's time and money has gone into getting the diner and the inn functional and aesthetically pleasing, rather than her personal living space.

There may even be a small stack of boxes, still packed from the move, sitting in front of an empty bookshelf. Oops?

At least the place is kept pretty clean, but Ruby still looks slightly embarrassed when she appears at the door after a few minutes and looks around.]

Hey, sorry about the wait. And the, uh, state of the place. Things have been pretty busy around here since the opening.

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