notsheepish: (So metal I rust in the shower.)
Red Riding Hood / Ruby ([personal profile] notsheepish) wrote in [personal profile] pop_of_color 2017-07-14 01:50 pm (UTC)

Hey, you never know around here. You could've been abducted by aliens on the way.

[She glances around the diner and then nods, subtly, in the direction of the gossipers.]

Or scared off by some nosy gnats flying around?

[Ruby definitely noticed the tail end of the exchange there, and though she doesn't THINK so, she's wondering whether she needs to ask these people to leave. It's an imPort-run business that has fairly regular imPort guests. She's used to people coming in to stare or ask for autographs or whatever by this point.

It's still weird as hell, but the kind of weird she can now deal with for the most part.]

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