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Red Riding Hood / Ruby ([personal profile] notsheepish) wrote in [personal profile] pop_of_color 2017-07-14 04:21 am (UTC)

action here totally works for me if it works for you!

["Granny's" is pretty clearly more of a diner than anything, but behind the bar there are enough liquor bottles and beers on tap to assuage any fears one might have. The place has a nice, chill atmosphere, especially after the dinner crowd has already taken off, leaving mostly a few regulars, guests of the inn attached to the diner, and imPort-gawkers. The kind that can be chill about it at least. Those that can't... well, they get the boot.

Ruby isn't immediately visible, having to take care of something in the back, so someone else is there to take Rosa's first drink order. But the young woman is quickly instructed she can take her break when Ruby finally reappears a few minutes later and takes her place behind the bar.]

So you made it.

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