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Rosa Diaz Info

NAME: May/M/Chae Won/etc.
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SERIES: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
CHRONOLOGY: S04E16 ("Moo-Moo")
HOUSING: Maurtia Falls, Individual Housing
JOB: Romance Advice Columnist

BACKGROUND: Rosa on the B99 Wiki

PERSONALITY: "Rosa Diaz is a smart, tough, and mysterious detective (it is revealed that her name might not even be Rosa Diaz, as she assumes multiple identities for different people). Although Diaz is a loyal and effective member of the squad, her anger management issues and lack of empathy terrify most of her coworkers. She is highly secretive about her personal life, and refuses to let any of her coworkers visit her home, despite living very close to the precinct. She is shown to own many weapons and believes that every woman should own an axe. Rosa also owns multiple swords, and her wielding of said swords seem to turn Gina on."

Throughout the entirety of all four seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine so far, Rosa doesn't say much - but when she does, there's a reason. She hates small-talk and talking for the sake of filling up silence. This means that when she says something, it's because it's meaningful - it's because she feels like it's necessary to say something. Often times, it's to reveal the softer interior that lies underneath the spiked, hardened, and virtually venomous shell she wears. One such example would be when the Sarge (Terry Jeffords) "fails short" of beating the all-time arrest record to one of the two incredibly incompetent detectives in the squad (mostly due to the fact that said incompetent detective has been at the precinct for 20 years longer than Terry). They meet up at their local haunt and Rosa lays down a stack of files of closed cases that Terry helped her (and the others) solve, insisting on the fact that even if he didn't have the arrests under his name officially, he helped with hundreds of cases through his fellow detectives, and he should be proud of doing that.

She prefers to give off a very "macho," tough, unfeeling, hardened vibe and hates when anyone finds out anything about her. They've not revealed too much on the show in regards to her history (aside from the fact that she'd trained as a ballet dancer, got kicked out of the ABA because she'd beat up the other ballerinas, was a very successful gymnast (which she called her Greatest Shame), and spends loathsome Easters with her family), but it doesn't take too much to realize that it's to keep others at arm's length. Nothing is vulnerable or in jeopardy of being hurt/damaged if it's never exposed. She functions under a "scare them all away before they can get close" sort of mentality. She definitely does have some anger management issues (taking a metal battering ram/entry tool to a printer when it doesn't work, for example), but I think some of it is for show.

That's not to say that she doesn't care about people or let them into her life in some capacity. She and Jake go through a weird thing during one episode where Jake keeps insisting that they're "friends," but Rosa doesn't really warm up to the idea. She doesn't want to share information about the fact that she and her now ex-boyfriend Marcus (the Captain's nephew) broke up (partially because she thinks it's a non-issue but also because it's too personal a thing to share), nor does she want to tell Jake the name of her new boyfriend. Eventually, after working and successfully closing a case together, she downs four or five shots of hard liquor and tells Jake the name of her boyfriend (whom she later breaks up with, though it's never stated when/why). It should also be noted that Rosa has admitted to never being the dumpee, only the dumper (not hard to figure out why).

When we're shown flashbacks of Rosa's breakup with Marcus, she complains that it's because he had "so many feelings," that he was a really good guy who wants to get married, that she isn't sure if she ever wants to get married, and that she thinks if she's running away from a guy as amazing as Marcus, then what's the point? She also openly cries as she wonders if she's messed up her One Shot at love, then goes into a frustrated/angry burst at allowing herself to feel something in front of another person.

Later on, her finacee Adrian Pimento needs to go into an unofficial Witness Protection type program (of his own doing) due to his connection to a very high-ranking mafia leader. When the leader is eventually caught, she waits for him to return. There's a particular episode after the squad's been moved to the nightshift in which she leaves every so often for forty minutes at a time (angering fellow detective Amy Santiago, with whom she's split the paperwork), to go sit on a bench in a park nearby. When Amy confronts her, she says that before Pimento went into hiding, they'd promised to meet on the bench when he returned, but so far, he hasn't shown up. She's shown to be extremely tearful and on the verge of crying. Amy tries to comfort her but completely fails (suggesting that he might be severely injured or doesn't remember who he is), and she gets angry and leaves.

POWER: No canon abilities. Only one for right now, the others tbd: Hammerspace bladed weapons (knives, throwing stars, axes, swords, daggers, etc.) created/found/conjured at will.